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Finger tattoos
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What do I need
to know before getting
a finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos are increasingly common among both women and men.

And they can have two opposite functions - look bold and attract attention or vice versa - will be gentle, elegant and barely noticeable. However, this unusual area for body art has some features that are important to consider before a session.

Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo

Pros and cons

The main advantages of tattoo on fingers:

  • The ability to depict miniature works of art on the visible part of the body. And the tattoo in this area can be demonstrated even in winter.
  • Bright and bold way of expressing style and individuality.
  • Short duration of application session because the working area is small enough.
  • Depending on the style and design, finger tattoos can be either flashy or subtle minimalist lines, hiding in plain sight.
  • Rapid tissue recovery after damage (pigment application). This effect is due to the presence of a large number of capillaries in the fingers. However, this only works if responsible care and reliable protection of the new tattoo from damage.

Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo


  • Short-lived and likely visual defects.
  • Tattoos on the fingers are among the most painful, because there are no muscles and almost no fat tissue in this area.
  • Need for frequent correction.
  • Possible problems with employment and career development in official structures and some activities. There are codes of conduct that require employees to close their tattoos.

In some cases, if the situation so requires, the tattoo on the fingers can be closed with a patch or other color. However, this will look organic only if there are no more than 1-2 tattoos.

Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo

How long do
finger tattoos last?

Compared to other parts of the body, the skin in the finger area perceives the pigment for tattooing differently.

It is also facilitated by the active nature of the hands, the amount of manual labor in human life, the frequency of hand washing, as well as the structure of the skin (it is strong but almost devoid of adipose tissue from below). The durability of tattoos in this area depends on the individual and the style in which the work is performed. But it’s fair to say that body art disappears faster than in other areas.

Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
How can I achieve
desired results?

The main condition of successful miniature tattoos is the use of only simple sketches with delicate and delicate lines.

As a rule, small inscriptions, simple characters, runes, initials, dates, geometric shapes, etc. It is important to avoid complex and detailed drawings, because of the anatomical features of the fingers, pigment on the skin is faded and lost integrity over time.

Keep in mind also that the hands are more likely to be exposed to other areas. Most of the work is done by hands. They’re not wearing any clothes to protect the tattoo. Therefore, to maintain the attractive appearance of body art will need to be corrected periodically.

Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
What sketch
to choose

Despite the simplicity of finger tattoos, the variety of styles and designs are truly impressive.

Let’s look at some interesting images and ready-made ideas that can serve as a basis for sketching your future tattoo.

Wedding ring as a symbol of binding

One of the most common ideas typical of finger tattoos is the image of a wedding ring on the ring finger, which many use as a permanent alternative (or complement) to traditional rings.

  1. Swallow
    1. Popular finger tattoos for women is minimalist swallows. It symbolizes freedom, craving and love of the sea. According to old legends, this bird represents the souls of people who gave their lives to the ocean. Images with swallows look elegant and restrained. They easily adapt and scale to the size and shape of the finger.
  2. Key and/or lock
    1. The sketch of one or two of these symbols on the fingers can look quite accurate and stylish. Such body art personifies the ideas of mystery, secrets, mysteries and mysticism. In a more tangible sense, the tattoo may symbolize new or previous (closed) relationships. The key and lock on the fingers are perfect for applying both men and women.
Finger tattoo
Finger tattoo
  1. Skeletal bones
    1. Among the popular finger tattoos for men is the idea of a schematic representation of the finger bones corresponding to the actual anatomy. Such works look stunning and impressive. They refer to such an absolute as death. Can serve as a skeleton and a reminder that all sooner or later ends, and life is a cyclical phenomenon.
  2. Animal silhouettes
    1. Choose a favorite or nearby totem animal to create a future tattoo. The silhouette of this animal can be a great basis for sketching. The owners of these small images will serve as a pleasant reminder and support, and for others can become a real mystery.

Miniature masterpieces of fingers can speak their own language, focusing on the preferences and values of their owner. However, it is important to understand that body art in this area is not only stunning decor, but also a great responsibility, as it needs aftercare and regular correction.

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