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Swallow tattoos

Swallows are members of the sparrow order.

There are 89 species that live on all continents. The widespread presence in the world has created a link with the culture of many peoples. In many countries, seeing a swallow was considered a good omen for fortune and healing.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos

What does swallow symbolize?

Swallows are distinguished by pointed wings and a long tail.

They are social and active birds that often gather in flocks. A bird tattoo evokes positive associations. It usually symbolizes luck, hope and renewal. In many regions, the bird appears with the arrival of spring, which is associated with another interpretation of the tattoo - modification and transformation, reincarnation, spiritual and personal growth. Main meanings:

  • Love and family values.
  • Prosperity and well-being.
  • Protection and security.
  • Freedom and independence.
  • Courage and endurance.
  • Achievements and victories.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos

In Greek mythology, swallows are closely related to the goddess of love Aphrodite, symbolizing luck and beauty.

Birds were seen as messengers of the gods and protectors of trouble. In ancient Rome, the bird represented the soul of dead beloved ones. In Indian traditions, swallows are a sign of humility and hard work. In the Christian religion, birds symbolize God’s unconditional love for all living beings. In Chinese culture, swallows are perceived as a sign of spring, good luck and cheerfulness. The bird is a symbol of protection and patronage from higher forces.

Swallow tattoos are closely related to marine traditions. The bird personifies luck in sea travel. The tattoo on the neck, arms, or chest indicated experience of sailing. According to legend, one swallow pointed to 5.000 miles of distance traveled by sea, two birds (respectively)10.000 miles.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos

In England and Australia, the swallow tattoo on the back of the hand indicated a strong and tough fighter.

It literally symbolized the speed of flying fists. The body image of the bird was seen as a symbol of pride, courage and courage.

Swallows are monogamous, loyal to one partner. Tattoo can mean happy love, commonness, loyalty to family values. To enhance the meaning, the heart, flowers and other symbols of love are often depicted next to the bird.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Different types of tattoos sketches

There are countless variants of tattoo swallow sketches that extend the freedom of choice.

Make the tattoo unique with additional details and inscriptions. Design options:

  • Location on the fist means street fighter symbol. Another interpretation is the ability to stand up for yourself and protect loved ones.
  • With flowers. It gets certain meaning depending on the type of flower. If it is combined with the rose, so it means a happy romantic relationship, with the lotus - the desire for spiritual growth and self-improvement, with the sunflower - prosperity, wealth and joy.
  • In flight. It represents the desire for freedom or return home after a long absence.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
  • With an anchor. It symbolizes loyalty, strength and courage, the desire for stability and inner harmony.
  • Two swallows mean a connection with the otherworld, ancestors and nature.
  • With the stars. Two symbols of luck and achievement reinforce the overall significance. A powerful talisman that protects you from trouble and predicts success.
  • With a heart. It is a classic symbol of love.
  • With the moon. It indicates mystical power and supernatural abilities.
  • With compass. It means choosing a new life path, moving steadily forward to set goals.
  • With the Cross. It symbolizes spiritual values, the desire to become better and achieve inner harmony.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos

Depending on the color of the ink, the tattoo meaning changes.

The predominance of red in the tattoo means energy and passion, blue - faithfulness, mystery and magic, purple - greatness, black - elegance and style, courage and determination.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos
Styles - the possibilities are truly endless.

Swallow tattoos are done in different styles.

The Blackwork tattoos are done in black and white. The body image is simple, concise design. In nature, swallows are characterized by different color combinations of brown, blue, orange, and white, which is reflected in tattoos in the styles of Traditional and Realism. Talented artists are able to convey the grace and gracefulness of birds.

Tattoos in modern styles are usually created using a wide palette of colors. Colorful tattoos look bright and positive, usually symbolize victory over enemies and overcoming difficulties.

Swallow tattoos
Swallow tattoos

Here we have the main styles:

  • Minimalism. It is a concise tattoo, often made by one continuous line.
  • Abstraction. Modern version of the body image, which lacks clear contours.
  • Watercolor. More often colorful works, made with soft strokes, resemble paintings by artists.
  • New School. Animated swallows look positive and fun.

Different parts of the body - back and chest, neck and area behind the ear, palm and foot - are suitable for placing the body image. Wrist tattoos are often chosen to demonstrate affection for family and loyalty.

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