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Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoo is popular among men and women, largely due to the aesthetic look of the animal and the associated symbolism.

This is a versatile option in terms of location on the body, choosing the right design and style.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos

What do tiger
tattoos symbolize?

Tiger tattoo meanings vary greatly across cultures.

Common to all traditions is power and might, fearlessness and mercilessness to enemies. Many people choose a tattoo of a predator to highlight their own qualities of character. For others, the footprint serves as a reminder of the need to resist life’s hardships. Tiger images are meant to inspire and motivate.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos

The main meanings are:

  • Power and mighty.
  • Pride and nobility.
  • Independence and the desire for freedom.
  • Sexuality and attractiveness.
  • Ferocity and aggression.
  • Protection and security.
  • Intuition and faith are our instincts.
  • Self-confidence, calmness and balance.
  • Military prowess and victory.
  • Cunning and danger.
  • Steadfastness and willpower.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos

Tigers are considered to be kings of the jungle. In the living nature, a strong and nimble animal has few enemies and rivals.

The predator is known for ferocity and plasticity. Jumps to a height of 4 meters, runs at a speed of 65 km/h. Tiger is a national animal in India where it is treated with reverence. In many Asian regions, the animal is the main character of legends and myths.

In Chinese culture, the tiger embodies the dignity and rigour, power and masculine energy of Yin. It is a symbol of generosity, enlightenment and high status in society. The predator in China is considered to be a conduit for dead people - protecting souls and helping to find peace.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos

In Asian culture, the tiger is associated with the god of wealth Cai Shen and the war goddess Durga.

Thanks to the emerging associations, tiger tattoo acquires meaning - using any opportunities to achieve goals, luck and prosperity. In Japanese mythology, the predator symbolizes protection against demons and disease.

In Korean interpretation, the tiger is a powerful charm, repelling evil spirits and bringing good luck. It is believed that the owner of the tattoo is blessed with a higher power. The body image on the back means that the higher forces cover, protect the back during battles. Another interpretation is the exclusion from the past, the rejection of negative memories and unpleasant experiences.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Different types of
tattoos sketches

Tiger tattoos differ in size and color.

Depending on the additional elements and inscriptions assume an extended meaning. Design variants:

  • With dragon. The presence of the dragon in the body image enhances the meanings - well-being and material wealth, fulfillment of desires, power, strength and mighty.
  • Tiger eyes. A popular version of the sketch that conveys the piercing and expressive look of the animal. Tiger eyes are believed to be the last sight of prey before death. Another interpretation is focus, determination, and willingness to accept the challenge.
  • Tiger cubs. Body image means a balance of strength and innocence, indicates that behind the cute and harmless appearance is a strong and determined nature. Another interpretation is loyalty to family values, the love of parents to children.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
  • White Tiger protects against robberies, catastrophes and other troubles.
  • Black Tiger controls the element of Water.
  • Blue Tiger controls the element of Earth.
  • Red Tiger. Controls the element of Fire.
  • Yellow tiger. The supreme ruler, associated with the sun, indicates strength and power.
  • The roaring tiger. It means the ability to fight off enemies and defend your interests.
  • With a snake. It symbolizes control over emotions and feelings.
  • With a dagger - warns of danger.
  • With a clock. It indicates the ability to control destiny and use the allotted time of life rationally.

Regardless of the type of design, the Tiger tattoo is a vivid body decoration that will not go unnoticed by others. Colorful tattoos look like works of art.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos
Styles - the possibilities
are truly endless.

Tiger Tattoo looks great regardless of the style of performance.

Popular styles are Realism and Traditional, New School and Watercolor. Realistic body images fully convey the grace and elegance of a large cat. tattoos in the style of Realism are often performed against the background of natural landscapes. In 3D tattoos, the formidable predator literally comes alive. Body images in the styles of New School and Watercolor look spectacular and colorful.

Tiger tattoos
Tiger tattoos

Here we have some styles for tattoos:

  • Blackwork. The ideal choice for creating powerful, brutal body images.
  • Tribal. Tattoos are created with black lines, dots and curls. They look elegant and stylish. They emphasize the symbolism of spiritual energy and power.
  • Japanese. Tattoo in the style of Irezumi, which is characterized by an abundance and a special combination of small elements. Body images of the animal are supplemented by cherry blossoms, leaves and hieroglyphs. Tattoos in Japanese style serve as motivation to achieve the goals.

Tiger tattoos look great in any part of the body. Often the symbol is used to fill sleeves or create large-scale works on the back or chest. Shoulders and legs, forearms and wrists, feet and palms are placement of small tiger tattoos.

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